Stone Creek Ranch offers a well-rounded training program for horses of any discipline. We teach horses to respect their handlers by giving the horses clearly defined boundaries that they can understand. We work to identify and eliminate causes of fear, anxiety, confusion, and pain which are the most common causes of misbehavior in horses. We put them on a physical fitness regimen meant to strengthen and balance their body which reduces the chance of lameness in their future. This includes proper diet, hoof and dental care, and exercise program to strengthen weak areas.

Things your horse will learn include:

Respect for people’s space
To move easily off rider’s seat and legs
Lateral movement
Consistent, balanced gaits
Crossing obstacles
We tailor the training program to individual’s needs.

We also work with the owner/handler to:

Achieve a correct and balanced seat
Gain confidence in riding
Identify unclear communication to the horse, which cause confusion and unwanted behavior
Learn common bad habits caused in horses and how to avoid them.