Michelle Wrubel, Trainer

Ranch manager and trainer Michelle Wrubel completed a B.S. in animal science at Michigan State University. She interned with Dr. Robert Bowker at MSU’s College of Veterinary Medicine researching the equine hoof and apprenticed under Ruth Alison of ironfreehoof.com. She is a master-certified trainer with nationally-known trainer Ken McNabb and is an EAGALA certified Equine Specialist. She is currently under the instruction of Dr. Rob van Wessum in dressage and equine sports medicine. She began riding and showing at the age of 11 and has trained professionally since 2004.

Wanda Mutschler, Equine Specialist

Stone Creek Ranch owner and equine specialist Wanda Mutschler believes that horses help people. An EAGALA certified Equine Specialist, Wanda offers thirty years of horse experience. She also has had training in Trauma Recovery and other psychologically-focused issues. She has participated in and led Open Heart’s Survivor of Abuse Leadership Training (SALTS), Advanced Leadership Training (ALTS), and ACCD’s Discovery and Breakthrough trainings.